We help Realtors master their marketing.

Taking control of your marketing should do three things:

Save you time, energy AND money.

Nectur solves the challenge of marketing your listing. But our larger purpose goes beyond that. We ultimately want your marketing to be so effortless that you have more time and energy to serve your clients better. 

What we do.

We take care of property marketing for real estate agents. And we do it in a way that's never been done before - By combining professionally designed templates with intuitive software that lets you become the designer. To us, it's more than just editing templates. It's giving agents more time to focus on what they do best: connecting the right people to the right property. 



2013: Graduate from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor's Degree in Design and Architecture. 
2014: Creative director of a marketing firm specializing in traditional real estate marketing
2015: Launched Point Two Design Group Inc.
2018: Launched Nectur

I'm Emily Warkentin

I'm a designer and creative entrepreneur. I make marketing accessible and easy to use. You shouldn't be waiting for your feature sheets because time is precious when it comes to promoting your beauty of a listing.


I'm Emily


Everyone from agents that are fresh on the scene to seasoned professionals and brokerages.


Are you...

A number of years in and looking to bring some consistency to your marketing and maximizing your time is a top priority?

A new agent still finding your voice and style and need to keep close eye on your expenses?



A brokerage searching for a system for your agents to use brand-approved marketing and quickly manage template updates?

Whether you answered A, B or C, we have great news for you! Nectur is the go-to system for your marketing needs. When you stop waiting on a designer to answer your emails and return design revisions, and update your feature sheets and postcards yourself with a trusted template, we guarantee that you'll save time and money. 

Wondering about the name Nectur?

I new there had to be a better way for Realtors to manage the basics of their own property marketing.

My goal is to bring a sweetness to your marketing that comes when you have full control over design, turnaround times and budget. 



Back when I was designing branding packages and feature sheets at an agency, the process was anything but short and sweet. Due to the back-and-forth of emails, miscommunication and delivering materials my clients couldn't update themselves, the process took far too long and was terribly frustrating for our clients.

The name Nectur is a derivation of "nectar".