... and it shows through your work. You're ready to have people fall head over heels with your work and buy it from your online shop. 

The problem is...

Creating e-commerce listings is a pain and it takes times away from doing what you do best: honing your craft

you love what you do


Let me introduce you to:


A step-by-step guide for busy creatives to quickly launch their designs to ecommerce, create a framework that is built to scale and sync with our signature Photoshop scripts for set-it-and-forget-it automation.



4 Modules
17 Video lessons
1 Photoshop automation script
1 Shopify SKU builder + template
Instant Access
Lifetime Access
Email Support
Monthly Coaching Videos

made for:

Whatever you sell your designs on, set yourself up for scalable success with a framework for building product codes that we've developed over years of running our own e-commerce shops. 

Save time (and headaches!) with our purpose-built Photoshop scripts and automate file creation for both print-ready and mockup files.

Eliminate errors with our Shopify product builder CSV template with auto-fill data.

Automatically insert your mockups in seconds without uploading them individually.

graphic designers
print makers
greeting card designers

save time



errors be gone



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I want in. Instant acceess please!

name: Emily

I've been selling my designs online for the past 6 years and I've made all of the mistakes.

Over the years I've fine-tuned my process, developed some tricks and created some time-saving tools that have helped me do more with less. 

I know first hand how many hats a designer already wears and how fast 6 o'clock hits. I'm on a mission to help artists get out of the software and back into their art. 

I help artists and designers get back to working on their business instead of in their business.


i believe in your success as an artist, as a maker. i'm in your corner, cheering you on as you get your work out into the world, making it a prettier place.


I'm a maker too. I understand tight budgets, margins, timelines and everything elese that cuts into your creative genius. Let me show you the methods I've used to grow my business and create some breathing room in my day.

a recipe for success

set yourself up for success with 17 video lessons designed to help you scale to new heights

what's in the studio?

foundation set-up

set yourself up for success with 17 video lessons designed to help you scale to new heights


foundation set-up

set yourself up for success with 17 video lessons designed to help you scale to new heights


foundation set-up

set yourself up for success with 17 video lessons designed to help you scale to new heights


foundation set-up

set yourself up for success with 17 video lessons designed to help you scale to new heights


Tools and Resources


Purpose-built tools to help you automate the steps we'll cover in this course, helping you save time and eliminate human error. 

heck! We're all human and we make mistaktes sometimes.
But not too worry, we've got the tools you need to cut those out so you can  spend your time doing more of the things you love.

auto-fill Shopify csv

set yourself up for success with 17 video lessons designed to help you scale to new heights


forumlas and macros

set yourself up for success with 17 video lessons designed to help you scale to new heights


automation script

set yourself up for success with 17 video lessons designed to help you scale to new heights


Automation in Action


automatically create print files

batch generate mockup images

preserve original file names

How much is does this cost?


Enroll in The Product Lab today and you'll get instant access to:

4 core modules of content broken down into: 
17 video lessons
A purpose-built Photoshop script
My auto-filling SKU-builder worksheet
Excel macro for bulk URL extration
Access to watch monthly coaching customizations

I'm not going to bolster the value of this program with made-up dollar amounts for each of these items and then show you a discount of a milliondy percent. You're a smart cookie and see through that. But what I am going to tell you is what I would have paid 6 years ago for the Photoshop script alone.

I think back to a particular night when I realized that Etsy needed rectangular mokcup photos and all 1,245 of mine were square. Tears were shed as I stared down the barrel of  weeks worth of work. If someone had offered me this Photoshop script on that day, I would have paid $1,000 just to avoid spending weeks recreating mockup images. 

But you get to jump ahead of the curve, learn from my mistakes, and save your most valuable resource (your time!) for

...drumroll please



I want in. Instant acceess please!

*charged in usd




What skills do I need in order to be able to complete this course?

None! In this course we’ll take a deep dive into the techniques covered in the content and together we’ll go over each step in detail. As long as you have some original artwork, there are no additional prerequisites for taking this course.


To complete the material of this course and implement the time-saving techniques covered, you’ll need access to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator (optional), Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets (free) and either Google Drive (free) or Dropbox for some cloud storage. If you do not already have access to these apps, you can sign up for 30-day trials with each, complete the course and process your first automated batch of files by the end of the trial. I’m so confident that all the time you will have saved in automating your first batch of listings will be enough to make you want to add Photoshop and Excel to your permanent app collection. 

What skills do I need in order to be able to complete this course?




Whether you sell your artwork on mugs, greeting cards, blankets, art posters, aprons or kitchen towels, this course was made with you in mind. If you have reproductions of original artwork to sell to your audience, this course will help you create a scalable framework and get your products online quickly through automation.

I’m sell _______; will this course work for me? 




Depending on how many products listings you are creating, this course can be easily completed in a weekend. Or a week or two by tackling one module every few evenings. There is no fluff content and we get straight to the good stuff. I’m not here to waste your time and want you to get your amazing designs listed online in a timely manner. 

How long will this course take me to complete?




I’m totally with ya. Time is our most precious resource. That is why you have instant and lifetime access to this course. Go at your own pace and take as long as you need to make it through the modules. Go back and retake any lesson to refresh your memory if needed. All of the material will be available for you to access at any time. 

I’m tight on time. How long do I have to complete this course?




This content is delivered as video lessons. As there is no fluff content in this course, we get straight to the point and into the methods. I feel this it is easiest to quickly communicate the material by showing you how to implement the steps into your own process. 

How is the content delivered? 




While I did make this course quite detailed and robust, it would have been too overwhelming to cover all of the unique situations that might arise based on the type of artwork and product that you sell. But this doesn’t mean that I’m going to leave you hanging. Not a chance! Once a month I’ll be recording updates to questions that I get asked regarding solutions unique situations. I’ll be sharing these videos with you through the course portal for you to access and watch as well. 

I’m nervous that my situation is too unique and this course won’t work for me. Can you help me apply the processes of this course to my unique needs? 




Me too. I with this wasn’t the case. This is why it took me longer that I wanted to create this course. I was nervous that because of all of the fluff out there that people are getting coursed-out. But I keep thinking back to 6-year-ago me and what I would have done with all of the time I had wasted manually processing changes to print and mockup files, all of the money I wasted sending out the wrong design because I was sloppy with my SKUs and file names… ah, to dream. I am so confident that I can help you avoid the mistakes that I made, get you your time and sanity back and carve out more time to make your amazing designs. 

I’ve bought online courses before and have been disappointed. 




No problemo. Because this course come with lifetime access, you can purchase now and get to this at anytime. I do plan on adding materials and tools to this course soon and will be increasing the price based on the added value. The incentive to purchasing today is that you’ll get access to all future the updates, but at today’s price. 

I want to purchase this course but I know I don’t have time to dig into the content until later down the road. Will I miss out on anything? 




At this time The Product Studio offers step-by-step training on uploading your complete product listings into Shopify. We feel that Shopify is the best platform out there for small businesses who want total control over their e-commerce presence and sales while offering the most flexibility to scale. We have been operating a Shopify shop for the past 6 years and haven’t looked back. We do recognize that there are many marketplaces such as Etsy and Faire that can be fantastic supportive revenue streams. Although they don’t offer bulk product uploads, we do plan to add modules with the methods we use to hire and train VA’s to quickly list your products for you, using the batched files you’ll learn to make in the current version of this program. 

What selling platforms does the program support?




In some ways, this is a fortunate place to be in because you’ll be starting from scratch with your best foot forward and best practices in place. If you’re an artist, designer, maker… and you know that you want to sell reproductions of your designs online one day, this is the course to join so that you’ll know the best way to set yourself up well so that when you’re ready to scale, you’ll be able to handle heavier workflows like a champ.

I don’t have a business or product just yet but I know I want to start one. Will the material still be relevant to me? 



Questions: Meet Answers

You’re ready to overhaul your workflow and automate your e-commerce listings inside The Product Studio if any of these sounds like you:

1. You’re an artist, illustrator, painter, graphic designer, calligrapher… any form of artist and you’ve been holding off on listing your work for sale online because either the software, processes or learning curve has been intimidating. 

2. You do have listings online, but you're not happy with the way your product shots/mockups look and you’ve been holding off on creating new imagery because that would take too much time away from creating new artwork. 

3. You have a backlog of amazing artwork that isn’t up for sale yet because you just don’t have the time to process them. You’re already wearing too many hats in your biz and you feel like the tedious task of getting those dang listings up is taking away precious time from fulfilling orders, invoicing, creating…[insert task here].

4. You’ve already listed your products online for sale and tumbled through the process as best you knew how to at the time. You’re lacking consistency in your setup, organization, naming, imagery, listings… Your system is kind of working now but the thought of scaling and adding more might quickly become an unmanageable disaster. (This one was me in a nutshell!)

5. You’ve got a willing-to-learn attitude. You might get started and think: “Wait what? We’re renaming files here? This is too simple.” But trust me; I’ve got a plan to help you succeed and scale and each step in the process builds on the next to ultimately set you up for some amazing automations. 

6. You’re willing to dedicate a few days to this course. Soak in the content, apply the steps to your own process. Test, tweak and re-test. While the lessons individually are brief and to-the-point, because each step is so interconnected and builds on the next, you’ll get the most out of this program if you can carve out a few days to really dig in.









The Product Studio is a step-by-step guide to overhaul everything you think you know about listing your art for sale online.


I wholeheartedly believe that The Product Studio is going to be of significant value to you. The tools and processes I’ve developed for this course and implement in my own business have saved me countless hours and given me the freedom to quickly launch many more design collections than I could have without the help of the automations. Even if this program only saves you a few hours of work a month, the time gained will be well worth the investment. 

However I do understand wanting a guarantee with your purchase and so I’m happy to offer a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. You may request a refund up to 14 days after your purchase of the program. No refunds will be given past the 14-day window. All refunds are discretionary, and eligibility is determined after both requested items are submitted to our support team.

To request a refund you much send the following to: hello@nectur.com
1. A written email refund request within the 14-day purchase period
2. A brief description of why you don’t think that the processes and tools provided in the program will not work for your business’ unique needs.

Please note: deciding that you don’t want to use the tools, are no longer interested in the program or won’t be pursuing your product development or listing your designs for sale are not reasons that will qualify for a refund.

Thank you for your gracious understanding. Much care, effort and years of experience have gone into this program and it has been priced fairly. I am more than confident that you will find tremendous value in my program and that the results will pay off for years to come. 

- emily

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